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Secret Groups in Ancient Judaism

To all whom it may concern, Yesterday I received a first copy of my recent book, entitled "Secret Groups in Ancient Judaism". The book proposes a new approach to the understanding of many Jewish groups and sects from the last century BCE, compared to mystery religions of the contemporary Greek and Roman world and to early Christianity. Analyzing these groups as secret societies enables us to see previously latent social structural dimensions, and provides many new insights into them. I would be glad if you checked it.

Uncovering Ancient Footprints - New Book by Michael E. Stone

Uncovering Ancient Footprints: Armenian Inscriptions and the Pilgrimage Routes of the Sinai [Print Replica] Kindle Edition Explore pilgrimage routes, epigraphy, and the history of writing with an expert guide From the late 1970's through 1982, Michael E. Stone conducted a number of expeditions to the Sinai peninsula searching for ancient inscriptions. In this book Stone describes his search, crowned by the discovery of the most ancient Armenian inscriptions known. Here Stone describes not only the inscriptions discovered along his journeys but also the Sinai, its past and present, its human inhabitants, its flora and fauna, and its history. Though once common, well informed travel books to the Middle East with a broad academic interest and a specific focus have become rare. Stone’s diary of his expeditions in the Sinai fill this gap with vivid descriptions, poetry,and illustrations.

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